Be the Ice Sculptor
Often times technology gives us a motive to learn various software. Although software can be the tool to help us produce great work, more importantly, we need to learn the craft and develop a vision for what we can create. In that way we are not limited by software but driven by the creativity that inspires good visual storytelling. In this design I wanted to enhance that message through motion and principles in the best ways that  I could.
Ministry of Eye Control
This is an animation project I created from the School of Motion. In this design I intended to lead the viewers eye around the screen by using a method called eye control.  This technique is highly effective and can help lead the viewer from one message to another with more precision.  
NUDL (Noodle)
This is an animation project that I recently created in my School of Motion Animation Bootcamp course.  The project  implemented animation principles such as follow through and overshoot to produce a fun, engaging enhancement to a logo from a company selling pool noodles. 
Pizza Time Pizzeria
This is an example I designed to represent a fictitious pizzeria called Pizza Time.  By using animation techniques such as eye - trace, anticipation, overshoot, reinforcing direction, squash and stretch, among others, I was about to bring the animation to life in fun, vibrant kind of way.  I also experimented a bit with transitions and object morphing in order to add an element of smoothness to the overall composition.    
Going Camping
This is an animation representing easy tips to follow while camping outdoors.  I decided to take my art direction into a low polygon environment not only because I thought it would look appealing but to enhance the overall simplicity of the message being given. We often think of the outdoors as an escape from our complex lives, so I wanted to capture the feeling of escaping a hectic lifestyle to enjoy a more simple , relaxed setting with limited distraction. ​​​​​​​

Short Explainer Animation Example
This is an explainer animation example with a cartoon kind of feel.  I animated basic shapes and typography to capture a fun and simple kind of experience that flows together naturally. 
Title Animation Example
This is an example of kinetic typography in action to reveal a title with vibrant color and smooth animation.
City Animation
This is a stylized piece that I created in Cinema 4D. I utilized the powerful Mograph tools that the software had to offer to clone my buildings or other objects and animated them sequentially.  
 UI Animation Evaluation Exercise
This is animation project from the School of Motion. The project was designed to implement multiple principles of animation to add interest to a simple flat design. 

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