IAM ART AGENCY Logo Animation
 This logo was designed and illustrated by Amanda Chapman of IAM ART AGENCY (https://www.iamart-agency.com/). I animated the logo in a natural way that I believed would make sense. By growing the tree from the ground up and blooming its buds in a smooth and fluid motion.  IAM ART AGENCY is a growing creative agency and so I wanted to capture that attribute through the power of animation as best I could.

Mobile Bar Concept Logo Design

This is a concept design that I submitted to a contest.  In this design I intended to achieve all the elements described in the brief as best as I could. It is a very simple logo that has a sense of nostalgia found in the layout of old logos of the past but with a modern clean look. Since the primary focus of Lane 23 is craft cocktails, I decided to incorporate the main focal point of the image to be a cocktail beverage.  I used orange and blue colors to complement each other. I also wanted to use orange to highlight the cocktail beverage within the logo.
Hot Sauce Label
This is a hot sauce label concept that I designed. I used a palette of warm colors to represent the temperature and taste of chili peppers. I decided to infuse the main icon in with the logo to give a stronger area of focus. By using abstract shapes within the logo I intended to make the chili pepper pop and create variation to add more interest.    
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